Lessons Available

Here’s how the phone lessons work:


Lessons in the SKYPE format are now available.

SKYPE lessons make long distance lessons very economical.

(This program is free to download. You can learn more about SKYPE, at: http://www.Skype.com )

If we keep the amount of material within the above guidelines, we can usually cover everything, thoroughly within 55 minutes.


We set up a mutually convenient time on the telephone.

(We can do this by E-Mail or phone).

You call me.

We use the practice chanter for beginning students, and practice chanter and bagpipes for intermediate and advanced level students.

No speakerphone is necessary. A regular phone is fine.



Our rates for piping lessons start at $25 for a 1/2 hour lesson. Save more by purchasing multiple lessons.

Standard Lessons
Half Hour Lesson $ 25.00
One Hour Lesson $ 45.00
One and a Half Hour Lesson $67.50
Save More by Paying for Multiple Lessons in Advance
2 – 1 Hour Lessons $ 90.00
3 – 1 Hour Lessons $126.00
4 – 1 Hour Lessons $160.00


Pay for your lessons online using the button below, you will be redirected to the Paypal site to enter your information to paypal.


Lesson Payment Options
Other Amount:
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